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You may find the answers from the frequently asked questions below. For special questions, please free to email us or call us at 03-91017479 during business hour.

About Our Jelly Cake

How much and how many people can your jelly cake serve?
Please refer to the serving guide below for your rough estimation. It shows the approximation of price, weight and serving. The actual serving may vary depending on how the cake is cut.

What are the main ingredients of your jelly cake?
For healthy and freshness reasons, our jelly cake is largely made of high quality imported green seaweed (Rumput Rampai Laut) which has high composition of fibre and low cholesterol, and fresh coconut milk with pure pandan leaves, without any artificial flavoring

Is the jelly cake safe for consumption, especially for kids, as it seems very colorful?
Yes, food safety is our top priority. Our jelly cakes are using food color made from vegetables and plant extracts which are certified, regulated and approved by FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) of U.S.A for safe food consumption.

How many days can the jelly cake last?
As our jelly cakes are preservative-free and highly perishable, we always recommend our customer to consume on the same day for best quality. However, with appropriate refrigeration, our jelly cakes can last up to 3 days including the collection day. Our jelly cake comes with an expiry date tag as reminder. Any cake more than 3 days will be removed & disposed.

How should i keep the jelly cake?
The jelly cake should be kept in refrigeration below 10oC at all times. If situation does not permit, it can last for approximately 4 to 6 hours under air-conditioned environment. Remember, never ever put the jelly cake under sunlight or heating compartment such as car boot.

Can I carry the jelly cake for my long distance travel?
Yes you can, as long as the jelly cake is well kept under air-conditioned temparature and avoid direct hot sun. We have customers travelling to country as far as Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam & Singapore

Is your jelly cake consumable by vegetarian or someone allergic to eggs?
Yes, our jelly cakes are completely egg-free and animal-product free! The ingredients and flavors are all extracted from natural plants, seaweed & vegetables. In fact, our jelly cakes are of vegetarian's favourite!

Is your jelly cake HALAL?
All ingredients are using halal ingredients in our central kitchen and our production is run by muslim employees. All ingredients are animal-free. The main ingredient is santan, pandan, sugar, water, and seaweed powder (Rumput Rampai Laut) and DOES NOT contain Gelatin.

Will jelly cake get watery?
Yes, since 90% of the cake is made of water, it may get watery depends on the temperature, but it will not melt. Due to healthy reason, we DO NOT put any chemical substance like cake stabiliser or emulsifier to make the cake dry and firm.

About Ordering, Collection & Payment

Do you provide delivery service?
You can make arrangement with the well known delivery service such as Grab or GoGet. In fact, you can choose to pickup the cake from our outlets nearest to your area - Cheras, Taman Midah, PJ SS2, Subang Jaya, Kajang, etc. Please refer to "Contact Us" menu for full details of address/map and business hours.

How can i collect my cake at Cheras since your HQ is closed after 7pm and closed on Sunday?
For your convenience, you can choose to collect at nearest outlet at Tesco Taman Midah, which is just 10-15 min away from Jelly Cake House HQ, anytime from 9:30am-10pm open DAILY

Can i customize the cake design?
Yes, minor customization such as change of color, topping or age number is allowed. Please clearly state the changes required in the remark column of the ordering form. However, we will try our best to accommodate your minor customization with no additional charges.

If I want to have a different topping design for a selected cake code (e.g. JC984), how to request for that customisation?
You simply need to click on the main cake design, e.g. No 1 - Monkey (JC984), then under the 'Remark' section of the order form, simply make reference to another cake code e.g. JH025, saying you want the theme or topping of the cake JH025.

I don't have access to Internet, can i make order at any outlet?
Yes, you can place order with our staff at all outlets.

How many days do i need to order in advance?
Minimum 2 days in advance for non-peak season. 6 days in advance for peak seasons such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Lantern Festival, Teachers Day, Children's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day. The system will automatically block if the orders exceed our capacity.

Can i still place order in less then 24 hours?
It is subject to the material availability and best effort basis to accommodate late orders. The cut-off time for online ordering is 8pm.

Can i still make changes to my orders after submission?
Yes with condition that not less than 2 days before collection date. Changes should be sent to or via SMS by quoating your order reference number.

How to know whether my order is confirmed?
Upon order submission online, you will be automatically given an order reference number for your tracking and collection purpose. Your order will be confirmed within 24 hours after submission. You should also receive a SMS from us asking for final confirmation 2 days before collection. Your order will only be processed in production upon your SMS confirmation reply. If you do not obtain the order reference number, or you do not receive SMS from us 2 days before collection, it means the system has not received your order.

Can i buy ready-made Jelly Cake from your outlets?
Yes, we have varieties of ready-made jelly cake made fresh daily (Mon-Sat) based on first-come-first-serve basis. You may contact the outlet directly for reservation.

How do i collect my cake?
Based on your collection day and time, please proceed to your selected collection outlet and present the order reference number to the staff at the counter to claim your cake.

How do i make payment? Do you accept credit card?
For your convenience, the payment should be made only upon cake collection at the cashier of your selected outlet. At this moment, only cash payment is accepted.

What if I want to cancel my order?
All cancellation MUST be be made & notified at least 48 hours before collection. Otherwise, you would have to pay the full amount of the cake.

What if I don't collect the cake after confirmation?
We have established our business since 2009 based on trust. Most of the time, we do not collect advanced payment. As a responsible consumer, you would still need to pay full amount of the cake ordered even you do not collect the cake.
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